Year: 2014

Charity Makeover at 1Mcups Irvine

Thanks Breanna for the opportunity to speak with the 1Mcups Irvine group today. Here’s a video of the chat we had on how we’re helping local non-profits become more self-sustaining via the Charity Makeover effort: For anyone interested in getting

Next Event: Dec 13th in Orange County at Eureka

We’ve got the next Charity Makeover event happening 10am-4pm December 13th at the Eureka Building in Irvine, CA. We’ll have lunch provided. Claim your seat and lunch ticket. We’ve been fortunate to recently secure the $10k/mo Google Adwords Grant for

May 17th Open Call Advisory Workshop for Non-profits

We’re holding a pro-bono, half-day workshop on Saturday May 17th 10am-2pm for any non-profits who have questions or challenges in the following realms: Marketing strategy Technology infrastructure Branding Ecommerce Creative design Systems automation Text the word “CHARITY” to 480.725.4878 for

The roadmap for our April 5th jam session is live!

We’re continuing to help SEEDs for Autism refine the stuff we built for them. You can see the SEEDs for Autism Trello board and what tasks remain. If you see a task you can claim, join that board and plan

April 5th jam session for Tumbleweed and SEEDs

Mark your calendar: April 5th 10am at Co+Hoots is the next Charity Makeover. RSVP using the widget on the right. It’s been crazy busy the past few weeks. We launched the project we’ve been working on for SEEDs for Autism

SEEDs scholarship program is live!

Quick bullet point update on our last session with SEEDs for Autism: We had our largest volunteer effort yet this past Saturday for SEEDs. We have a group photo below (Greg Bullock missed the photo because he was busy sequencing

Final SEEDs push: 2/22 – RSVP now

Charity Makeover volunteers Matt and Jared

So we’ve got our third and final implementation session for SEEDs to pull everything together we’ve been working on. The event is taking place Feb 22nd at Co+Hoots co-working space. RSVP now using the signup button on the right if

Recap of the 1/11/14 SEEDs event

Props to Matt, Brianna & Piyush for giving up their Saturday yesterday to help advance the cause. Here’s the update: We have a Trello board up here for the project. It’s public so if you want to get involved take

Our first implementation Saturday is Jan 11th

We met at SEEDs for Autism before the holidays to plan our attack. This Saturday we’ll be attacking the plan in the first of three implementation “barn raisings.” Come be a part of this experimental “Habitat for Humanity-like” endeavor to